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EGUS Document Digitization Solution for The Global Futures Industry

eClerx Markets and FIA Tech Launch EGUS Agreement Rate Schedule Digitization Solution.

AML & FIU Transaction Monitoring Support by eClerx Markets

Watch eClerx Markets transform the FIU investigations process through trained staff coupled with robotics automation for research and data aggregation.


eClerx Announces Acquisition of Two Four Consulting

TwoFour Consulting, a strategic and tactical consulting partner for banks, brokerages, hedge funds, and asset managers, is now a part of eClerx Markets.

Ensure Your Company’s FATCA, CRS, and Chapter 3 Compliance | eClerx Markets

Mitigate the Risk Associated with Tax Regulations Chapter 3, FATCA, and CRS while driving continuous improvement with our Tax Solution.

FIU Case Study

eClerx Markets Provides In-Depth FIU Case Management and Investigative Support For Leading Financial Institutions